Habitually dubbed as “Wine Maker”, Jack Cho is the second-generation member of Toucheng Leisure Farm’s Family Founders.  


Habitually dubbed as “Wine Maker”, Jack Cho is the second-generation member of Toucheng Leisure Farm’s Family Founders.  


. He understands fully the beauty of the mountains and its spring water thus treasuring its sustainability. He inherited from his mother, Madame Cho’s spirit of healthy, happy, learning experiences. With the mountains and its water as the main element, it became another area of interest, thereby, Cang Jiu Winery was born. Because he understand, after 10 years of tireless learning thru trial and error method, he also   led a team to study, research the  wine and vinegar production.. For the future, more products like soy sauce, salt-fungus (aspergillus), cosmetics and other line of commodities are being studied. potential products.


 Maybe he was a mountain-grown up boy, a cheerful and open character, with quiet a loud -voiced fellow, he always wear a kind smile on his face. A tight-gripped, sincere hand- shaker, just like his tap on a shoulder, he has a gentleman’s character indeed!, On the other hand, in the inner chamber of his working lab or Winery, he waits for the fermentation of the fungus aspergillus while controlling the temperature or shaking tubes of wine, he is gentle and focused, fearful  to disturb the silence of the delicate transformation process of wine. A big change of personality! a gentle but firm and persistent nature.


 Familiar to the rural life style and fermenting wine, for him, it is an easy and a habitual chore. Taiwan during the early days, each family has a private wine cylinder and pickled vegetables for offerings of the day only, whatever is left is discarded.  Instead of using the fast-producing machinery of modern times, He insisted of using the traditional manual-production method, experimenting in a natural way. Using ingredients available at that season, regarded as a heavenly-sent present, Although manual manufacturing are detailed and inconvenient, requiring time and long waiting, (a single error is not allowed) it is inevitable and necessary. Others may use attractive ads to promote their products, he insisted to take his time, one step at a time, in his own way..


 To find more “agricultural” taste, he insisted on using Taiwan’s agricultural products, finding ways to utilize the surplus crops, develop them .discovering new taste to produce new products, challenging, trying all ways, studying abroad, and asking professionals pertinent questions. If by chance you visit Cang Jiu Winery and meet him bringing a bottle of unidentified wine, pour it in a glass and ask you to “try”, do not reject his hospitality, the risk of gulping a mouthful, could open up to you a window telling a story with an “agricultural” taste!