All Ingredients used and food preparations all intended to bring its original taste


Look up: be grateful for Nature’s breath –taking beautiful mountains and sea..

Look down: See the vastness of the plain, Snow Mountain Ranges spring water fermented (“changing “ ) into wine. Cangjiu Winery fermenting different wines.

From Toucheng Leisure Farm’ s livestock ; fishes- filled harbors nearby with the fresh catch of the day; where fresh organic vegetables grow, these all meet at the dining table for a sumptuous feast prepared for you!

Dozens of dishes are prepared where ingredients were taken from the mountains and the sea. Are all fresh, differently prepared according to the Four Seasons availability, each with their full taste of elegance. No- menus dishes, or completely unrestricted cuisines are served to the surprise of many patrons, but has been graciously welcomed.

Good food, local wine, matched with Lan Yang endemic seasonings. Cang Jiu delicious cuisines can satiate your taste buds and leave you with a contented stomach!


  • Various Local cuisines, all fresh ingredients, creatively decorated were gathered from the garden like vegetables which are very fresh mountain products. Seafood came from the daily ocean catch. 

     All ingredients are grown at Toucheng Leisure Farm’s organic vegetable gardens and the marine products from the nearby fishing harbors. You can taste the home-made cuisines from the Mountains and the sea!

  • Seshimi

     A plate full of vibrant products from the mountains and the ocean’s fresh, alive harvest of the day is now in front of you.


    Being close to the fishing harbor we only prepare selected fresh fish, juicy, seasoned with freshly ground mustard, giving you the sashimi and the sweet, ice cold wine flavored tomato appetizer.

  • Wild Vagetable

    Collected from the Toucheng Leisure Farm’s garden,

    all fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables are served. Vegetables mixed with the nearby harbor’s catch of Sakura shrimp sauce, topped with chef special healthy vinaigrette, fresh, low-calorie and rich in dietary fiber, all suited to your taste, whether it’s before or after meals .

  • Thef Special Dish



    Selected local and fresh pig knuckles is the main meat, mixed with home-made red rice – fungus ,garlic, onions and wine, Yilan green onions plus gin and other spices are marinated and grilled in a traditional way with the “secret ingredient” in it, a crispy skin, delicate, juicy and tender meat inside plus some mustard as condiments, will make your meal more delicious.

  • Appetizes With alcohol

    Mountain-raised chicken, baked in a low-temperature method, becomes super yummy and tasty chicken dishes. , coupled with our home-made mustard greens with plum sauce, it has a unique sour and sweet flavor, very appetizing and superbly delicious!

  • Jesiyaki

  • Eceative Rice Dish

    The “rice -poultry symbiosis”, theory, is an agricultural method of planting organic rice. In the paddy field, Farmers also raise ducks and allow ducks to peck on those small insects or pests for food. These Cherry Ducks are also feed with Yilan County’s local green onions to enhance their taste. In an unpolluted environment where the water is good plus imported corn for feed supplement, their duck meat will taste delicately .Match with shrimp XO sauce and Cang Jiu’s Wine you’ll have the best meal of the day!

  • Soup


     Taiwan Banyan Tree is also known as “goat’s head”

    due to its goat-head shaped fruits.

    It is an endemic specie found in Taiwan and also in Southern  

    China. It was used as medicine in the ancient times and a popular medicinal cuisine in recent years.

    It is collected at Toucheng Leisure Farm’s organic fruits and vegetable garden. Pork ribs and other ingredients are cooked as soup, thus  a gentle textured , not greasy, unique taste and an aromatic fresh soup is created..   


    It has been tasted by many and with Cang Jiu’s Winery’s special Red yeast Wine, this broth will even taste better.

  • Seafood


    Our chef, studied from Japan and discovered the salt- aspergillus (fungus) brewing process.

    It is the fermentation of rice, sea salt and water mixture..

    The mixture is combined to generate an ingredient which can make food more delicious, adding it a sweeter flavor.

    It contains live bacteria that can promote health.

    A modern and healthy kind of seasoning or condiment.

  • Bevesage

  • 藏酒創意食冢手作料理
  • 創刺食
  • 藏山味
  • 手品鮮
  • 酒醒味
  • 食岩燒
  • 冢穀物
  • 作先湯
  • 意海味
  • 藏酒健康養生鍋物