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  • Cangjiu Winery is located in Toucheng Township, of Yilan County, Taiwan, ROC. Surrounded by three streams on a mountain slope. Its clear, unpolluted water taste sweet. A heavenly sent precious gift, indeed! The Winery’s natural land is filled with treasures. Yilan’s local fruit Kumquat grows abundantly here. Changes of the Four Seasons decorate the whole year’s scenery. Spring Cherry blossoms in Spring, red maple leaves in Autumn or orange Kumquats in Winter. Not only you can see the scenery; taste wine as well,; pick fruits, or participate in a variety of DIY activities but also enjoy a unique experience  of enjoying wine.

  • As long as one has a pure romantic heart, one can enjoy the wine culture, in a natural way of wine production. A fashionable mountain Restaurant and Café’ is around ,tasting food prepared in a creative ingenuity and you can compose your own "Pastoral Symphony."

    As the water is clear and pure, so is the classic wine!

    As the mountain is green, so is the picturesque four seasons’ scene!

    As we treasure the good old days, Cangjiu Winery is the place for those everlasting memories!

  • Cangjiu Winery is the first privately owned Winery in Yilan County, the Rural Winery, because of its geographical location, situated in an ideal place: how the wind blows, how the water flows, the initial concept of constructing a green building , with water as the protagonist of the landscape planning. By following the cherished water wisdom by directing the natural flow of water into the Winery. The abundant natural springs where the water quality is sweet, can ferment distinctive wines from this unique, natural and vibrant water. Only those who had tasted it knows what a good water’s good taste, , with its addictive charm, one can’t stop drinking from one cup to another cup.! Welcome and taste this extraordinary water for wine making!

  •  The aroma of wine from the wine cellar can be inhaled even outside.. Just open the heavy wooden door and inside one can discover a mysterious wine collections orderly arranged in every corner . The wine Cellar’s roof has a green building design which gives a year-round low humidity and temperature where the oak barrels and caskets filled -wine silently “sleeping” inside to nourish the wine for a lasting taste. Professional tour guides will help guests understand and appreciate each wine’s story and its culture, be it from an Eastern or a Western origin.


  • On the green roof building, sits a stone sculpture image of a smiling girl, enjoying the flipping of the wind, the sun’s rays and leaves falling on her, plus the comfortable and fresh breeze of the mountain and its clouds. Looking down on the verdant green grasses as if tasting the joys of its riches forever!

  • This feast used to be a game for the ancient Chinese Poets creating elegant poetry. Wherever poets gather around the river side, they fill up their bowls with liquor, then wafted it on the rill from upriver to downriver. When the bowl floated to poets who wait  at downriver side, they needed to recite a poem before they took the bowl. It was the way poets saluted to a love story  (Dong-you & Giour) from the 13th of the Chinese “24 Paragons of Filial Piety” Since then, This kind of gathering has been called : Floating Goblet Feast

  • At the Cangjiu Winery Restaurant one can enjoy good food, fine wine. While tasting each wine, you can satisfy each of your five senses. Here, happiness is never far away, a place for satisfaction here at Cangjiu Winery.

  • Wine products, natural food meals, satisfying the five senses thus making one fully happy. A place where you should be—in the mountains, happily flying high like the Blue Magpie , with memorable memories, hidden for a long time, we invite you to Cangjiu Winery.

  • Besides the Winery is a garden and a pond, which create a fresher and cooler environment. At the garden you’ll find water lilies, lotus and water hyacinths. The eco-pond is both educational and fun for children and adults who can play safely while watching fishes swimming or listening to    frogs croaking.